Boxing thread

(Webb) #21

Anyone else watching Cotto Martinez tonight? My prediction: Cotto KO, either 5th or 11th/12th, left hook/uppercut to the body. I am fully aware this prediction is fucking retarded but I just see it happening. A hunch.

(Webb) #22

DECENT prediction, had to quit in the 10th and got put down over and over again by Cotto’s left hook, not a bad prediction but not quite on the money.

(Sanchez ) #23

i missed the fight but i saw this photo on FB .
Wtf happened .

(Gavin Rainey) #24

Sr always wears that stupid outsit, loves his arms.

I wonder when Jr is going to fight someone notable, should be good.

Also close on the Cotto call Alex mate, he has achieved a lot. I think he may fight Alvarez at some point

(Webb) #25

Cotto Alvarez would be a dream given Cotto’s performance two nights ago. Truly couldn’t pick a winner. Martin Murray has been saying on twitter he’d love cotto haha, gotta love that guy

(Gavin Rainey) #26

Martin Murray would fight literally anyone

(Webb) #27

Yeah lmao, and I’m my eyes he beat Sturm and Martinez but I’m a bit biased. Inb4 Murray is the one to take down money haha

(Webb) #29

holy fucking christ man, GAMBOA FOREVER

(Webb) #30

I really wanna see Gamboa vs Burns then the winner gets a rematch at Crawford. Problem with Gamboa is the inactivity is real, he needs to stop using 50 cent as a manager (lol no shit sherlock) and get a real manager and promoter and go to 2-3 a year and he’ll be back to his old self, I fucking hope anyway.

Predictions for Porter - Brook? Hoping Brook wins and think he might.

(Matt) #31

I feel like all of your posts are a little off topic.

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(Xenoscythe) #33

I had no idea you boxed Webb, how long you been boxing?

(Webb) #34

about 2 years mate, taken a break now not competing again till uni but being used as a sparring partner to tune up lads in the gym, and getting a bit of extra ££ on the side

(Webb) #35

did some body training tonight, I always record my body sessions as they’re shit as fuck so I can build on them and thought i’d post them up, tagging people who might be interested, CC wanted : ) about 70% power only a minute or so round

@Xenoscythe @Easy @Sternritter @JellY

(worth actually watching on youtube)

p.s the straight shots are probes

(Mark Dornan) #36

Serious tho, what is the point of the grunting and sssssss noises?and why only a minute?

Do you run?

(Webb) #37

The grunting is just due to a bit of exhaustion, that was after about an hour on the bag and it comes down to fumes, it was only a minute because I was just gonna do a video for the forum, people would lose interest after too long.

and the “ssss” noises are me breathing, correct breathing is about 90% of a fight, exhale when you throw the bombs, but the right amount, not too much and not too little, keeps the power in the shots and gas in the tank.

and yeah I do.

(Mark Dornan) #38

Thanks, always wondered why boxers make that ssss noise.

(Paul Corkin) #39

I didn’t see any “bombs” thrown out. Kappa. BULK!

(Webb) #40

Haha they were as close to bombs as a 63kg boxer can throw! Don’t need to bulk mate happy at my weight

(Paul Corkin) #41

Frampton tonight! Watching it as i write this, Lets hope it has the same outcome as the last encounter.