Boxing thread

(Webb) #1

Discuss! I know there are some boxing fans on here.

Froch Groves 2 coming up, the gloves are off episode for that fight is the best fucking episode that has ever aired. #TeamFroch.

exactly what Froch said, he will finish Groves within the distance.

(Paul Corkin) #2

Went to Framptons last fight in Belfast against Cazares. Hopefully get to his next fight which could be huge.

(Webb) #3

save your money and wait for Frampton Quigg!

(Paul Corkin) #4

Yeah or Santo Cruz fight if he comes to belfast would be a great fight.

(Webb) #5

either way watching Frampton box is pretty special, fast fast hands, I genuinely can’t pick a winner between him and Quigg, but I reckon Frampton would be the absolute favourite.

Who do you think Pac will fight next? I doubt he’ll go for marquez #5 but I don’t know where else he can turn, let’s be honest Mayweather isn’t happening and he’s already beat everyone else in the division. If Cotto beats Maravilla, he might have another shot.

(Gavin Rainey) #6

Mayweather TI Sept 1st hear it here.

Mayweather will fight scrubs until the end now i think

(Randal Octagonapus) #7

50c: “Your uppercuts won’t mean shit when niggas start shootin”

Also Groves will beat Froch, Froch is such a detestable human being… I really hope he gets KOd so he can’t pay off the refs again.

(Webb) #8


@Easy people have said BHop haha

(Sanchez ) #9

I watched the full thing earlier , around 27 mins were groves cant answer back , you can see the rage underneath lol.

I think groves will win but i want froch too .Simply because groves gave it everything first time round , and i mean it would have ko`d many a champion but not froch .The guy is truly a warrior and imo groves wont no how to go to war with him so he will look for the KO asap which he will probably get this time round because if froch is still standing after 6 rounds it will only go one way imo.

(Webb) #10

I strongly disagree about the early KO, Froch is a 4X world champion, he’s dealt with Ward, Taylor, Kessler - and not got knocked out. He said last time he let what everyone said about groves (“not good enough, underneath you, doesn’t have a chance”) get to him and spent more time with his family than at the camp.

He’s too experienced and straight up hard, I agree groves will probably look for the early knockout but that’s because he knows Froch will dictate the championship rounds and have him out any time past the 6th, in my opinion.

(Paul Corkin) #11

Aslong as it’s better then the first fight i’ll be happy :smiley: I agree Froch is going to come prepared to the max this time and try to make a statement. Groves needs an early KO to win or else Froch will take it imo.

(Webb) #12

Better than the first?! The first was an incredible fight regardless of how shit Froch came, proper war!

(Sanchez ) #13

Had a look at tickemaster earlier and the only 2 seats remaining were you wont need a telescope are 5k lol.

My mate has gone and paid circa 100 for his so i dread to think how far up he is .I am hosting a boxing party at mine so we should be closer to the action :smile:

(Webb) #14

My best mate got offered a grand cash in hand on the door for a £100 ticket for the first Froch Groves lmao

(Webb) #15

Gamboa vs Crawford confirmed for next month. Holy fucking shit that is going to be magical, literally no longer bothered about Froch Groves II haha!

(Paul Corkin) #16

Night Night Groves. Some shot to finish him of. DAMN

(Webb) #17

Just earned my mate £650

No big deal

(Sanchez ) #18

Bit cagey in the first few rounds,but im glad my prediction paid off .

i had a house full people gunning for froch

(Gavin Rainey) #19

I remember talking to you about it, and there was no disagreement Groves is a good fighter, but wasnt going to be enough for a long time vet.

He needs to be humble now

(Paul Corkin) #20

Will be at this 100% if i can get a ticket, Venue to be announced later.