Best/worst/favourite Halo Map ever?

(Nick) #21

(Owain) #22

There he is, GET HIM!!!

(Erlend Prestmo) #23

Favourite: so many too choose from but Narrows is a winner for me.

Worst: Guardian. Hearing about stalemates in tournament play not breaking 30 kills sums it up really, TS on that map was painfull.

Backwash was also terrible.

(Owain) #24

Just like TS on The Pit

(Erlend Prestmo) #25

Yep, I hated playing Pit TS, and just like Guardian, objective played really good on it.

(Owain) #26

Pit flag was one of my preferred gametypes :slight_smile:

I also loved Construct hill but I know the majority of people disliked it :stuck_out_tongue: