Best/worst/favourite Halo Map ever?

(Gavin Rainey) #1

Following @Trick77 and his tweet about the best Halo maps ever, lets have a chat in a bit more detail here!

For me it is:

Best - Midship - perfect imo for the style of play in Halo 2, and the fact that it got rereleased and became the best map again shows how strong it is.

Worst - I think this has to go to Epitaph, but pretty much every out of the box halo reach map is close. Zealot is so so bad.

(Nick) #2

Best - The Pit
Worst - Hype
Favourite - Onslaught


I’d agree with Midship for the best. I don’t actually think this is true, but i’m gonna say The Pit is the worst; if only because it deserves all the negative comments i can give it in order to tip the balance from the mounds of bullshit retards say about how it was good. (You are actually probably right on Epitaph as well based on the widely accepted theory of more shield door = more shit). My favourite is probably Sanctuary.

(Richard Bowman) #3

Glad to see it sparked a discussion!

For me it’s hard to pick the best, I think Halo 2 and 3 had some really strong maps (I know a lot of people here don’t like 3 that much). If I HAD to pick a best map, I think I would go with either Warlock, because that map is almost the perfect arena style map, perfect for slayer and flag, really exciting to watch and play in. Or Midship/Heretic, again another really good map for slayers and objectives, and as Gav mentioned the fact it was so popular in both Halo 2 and 3 speaks volumes considering both games had such strong maps.

The worst I would say is anything from Halo 4. Literally any map from that game, it doesn’t have a single one that is good for either competitive or out of the box. Just terrible.

(Gavin Rainey) #4

@Trick77 Warlock or Wizard? Bare in mind Halo 1 had some outstanding maps.

My favourite is sanctuary also

(Adam) #5

Anything from Halo 1.

I’m not sure what my favourite was. Probably Prisoner to be honest. But Damnation and Wizard were both amazing maps too.

As far as worst I’m not sure. Halo 4 had some pretty dire maps but I didn’t play it enough to remember any of them. All of the games had those one or two maps that got the instant veto.

(Richard Bowman) #6

Warlock for me mate, I played Halo CE but no way near as much as I played Halo 2.

(Lethal) #7

Best - Wizard - All round fantastic symmetrical map perfect for almost any game type. One of very few maps where I can say percentage wise the spawn grids are wank worthy. Reminds me too much like Quake with the grenade bounces and power up locations.

Worst - Gephryphobia - It’s not a competitive map, but christ this map had aids written all over it. Someone even remade it on Halo Reach. What makes it even worse? I could imagine myself, Gav, Roffney and uncle Mark playing this in MM lol.

Favourite - Wizard/Derelict - Absolutely adored Wizard for the individual aspect of the game (1vs1/FFA). Derelict was so much fun to play during 4vs4 matches both in CTF and KotH.


Best - Midship, - always loved it always will

Worst - Ridgeline - just couldn’t take to it at all in anyway and just seemed pointless

Favourite - Sidewinder - The map that got me hooked into Halo when you had to drag everything to your friends house for the weekend just to play because live didn’t exist back then. Used to spend hours upon hours playing 1v1 on that with snipers.

(Gavin Rainey) #9

did you swear like you do at Trials? I know I used to haha


Without a doubt lol

(Matt) #11

Best - Warlock / Midship - Best map design for halo as it’s supposed to be an ARENA SHOOTER
Runner Up - Headlong for best BTB map

Worst - I didn’t play reach or 4… so… Default Foundry. Fuck that map

(Adam) #12

The empty room was better.

(Dean) #13

Im going to do all of these from a competitive 4v4 aspect, since that’s all I really know from Halo.

Best - Midship.

Easily the best map made on Halo, it just managed to fit so well into pretty much every game type. The only map that comes close is Wizard from Halo CE, which was a far better version of Warlock due to the power-up locations and most importantly the increased vision. Midship however was a map that just never got dull. Even today I could happily sit and play Midship for hours on end in different game types, and I’m not even a huge Halo 2 fan.

Worst - The Pit

I to this day do not get why people think this is worthy of a competitive map. The map had potential, right up until the put a huge wall ALL The way across the middle. It just made the map a complete stand-off fest. With only one power weapon and one power-up in the middle, both on really long spawn times, there was no reason to ever move to the other side of the map if you had the lead. Then there was the idea to play King on it. The distance to run between points because of the stupid wall was unreal.

Favorite - Rat Race

Sure, it may not be the best, but it was still a great map. Playing TDM and CTF on this map was easily my favorite time on Halo CE. Don’t get me wrong, if I was to do a top 10 map list, 7 or 8 of them would be Halo CE because the maps were just that damn good, but Rat Race stood out amongst them all. I used to LAN so much back in the day with @Bagelzend, @Xeno, @Roozle and @Smidsy and they always bitched when this map was coming up haha.

(Lethal) #14

I’m glad someone mentioned Pit. The map is so closed off and large that players have all the time in the world to make decisions during the course of the games. Massive disadvantage to any fast thinkers out there.

(Will Schoolar) #15

I loved Prisoner and Hang em High on Halo 1, probably my favourite memories of playing system link games at Sixth Form with my mates.

Can’t remember any of the newer games’ maps to be honest, they were fun but nothing sticks in my mind as much as the ones from Halo 1!

(Randal Octagonapus) #16

Best: Midship

I’ve probably spent more time on this map than every other Halo map put together, could easily sit there doing a 6 hour straight FFA.

Worst: There are SO many bad maps, tempted to say Isolation though (H3), the textures were awful and bullet registration was terrible (for the same reason that Narrows was, having an elevated middle of a map is slightly retarded). Also it had a giant anus in the middle?

Favourite: Chrion TL-34 (H1), so many lulz and constantly jumping out of your skin.

Also notable favourite: Ivory towers, 2v2s on this map were probably my 2nd favourite gametype after Middy FFAs.

(Anthony) #17

I’d have to say Wizard, Derelict and Midship. Wizard was a perfect map in Halo 1, and the Halo 2 variant was great as well. Midship was such a perfect map that it suited all the gametypes. Unfortunately the Halo 3 port Heretic wasn’t so good, the proportions weren’t good and the way it was textured made grenades unpredictable. Notice how all the forge maps from Halo 3 onwards are all modelled in some way off Derelict, Midship or Wizard, yet none are close to them.

I’d have to say all of the Halo 3 maps in the competitive rotation. All of them had aspects which were counter competitive, such as the curve of Narrows, the lack of line of sight on the Pit forcing you into bottlenecks, and having to lift up to the top level on Construct.
If I had to pick the worst map I would say Onslaught. It was such a poor design after many iterations and many Halo players think it’s the holy grail of competitive Halo. Halo 3 could of been great if the pros had been open minded toward some of the sick forge maps out there and ideas to do with the sandbox such as damage amplifiers. The thing that makes it the worst is that it was designed for competitive play…

I’ll have to say Sanctuary and Lockout from Halo 2. Sanctuary was such a fun and well made map, I felt like it had a nice balance to when it was played on default weapons instead of no duals. Lockout was really fun back in the day, especially for Oddball. I don’t enjoy it so much now though, as it’s imbalance really shows.

(Sam) #18

The best map without a doubt is midship. Don’t really need to explain it since most of you have done a fantastic job. Closely followd is wizard or warlock. Midship was just all out better though simply because it was a more diverse map. Warlock was a bit samey in comparison but probably from an arena fast paced multiplayer it could be considered a better map. Still FFA on middy could keep you entertained forever and don’t get me started on everything else. Just so versatile.

Like ant I also love sanctuary and lockout. Really awesome maps. I think sanctuary is everybody favourite or second favourite map. Iv never spoken to anybody who doesn’t like it. I think because of all the montage clips you can get on it and the scenery was very unique added to the map. Was really cool splashing through blue rocks and dominating everybody with sword in ring. I also really like how the map played on reach too and was easily the best map on reach.

Lockout was also amazing and is pretty much the only map where standoffs were amazing to watch. Set ups were different all over the map and I think oddball on lockout is one of my favourite game types of all type. Plus I made a 1v1 tage which was sick.

Maps I dislike:
All halo 4 maps on release. Just the absolute worst. Halo reach didn’t really have many competitive maps but I really really enjoyed playing them. Countdown slayer was wank but I liked zealot and countdown flag. They were playable and some of the forged maps such as element were good.

Really disliked narrows and especially guardian and the pit was pretty meh too. They just didn’t feel quite right compared to halo 2 maps.

The absolute worst map in the history of mlg is construct though without a doubt. God that map is horrendous. What were they thinking.

(Nick) #19

Best: Damnation, great 3D (because height was a very important aspect in Halo 1) combat that doesn’t make anything outside of CTF broken (bottom base had the most f’d up spawns in this case).
Worst: anything Halo: Reach or Halo 4
Favourite: Hang 'em High, cause I was a God on that map

(Owain) #20

My favs were Midship, Onslaught, Wizard/Warlock and I actually liked boarding action :stuck_out_tongue:

Worst maps were all the Halo Reach/Halo 4 maps and probably the worst map ever made - Hype.