Best Monitor for the money? PC Gaming

(Ricky) #1


I’ve been using my Viewsonic for quite a while now (since they first used them at all MLG events)

Can anyone recommend a monitor that is approx 24-26" that is more than good enough to game on for CS:GO, Xbox, Etc.

Thanks in advance.

(Xenoscythe) #2

Depends entirely on what your main focus is and what your budget is.

If CS:GO or another fast paced fps is your main game and you have a budget of £180+ then 144hz is the way to go

If not, I personally wouldn’t bother with a minor upgrade!

(Dean) #3

Going to mirror what Xeno said. If you’re not getting 144hz, it’s just not worth the upgrade. Colors might look “better” but it’s one of those things you’ll not notice after a week.

(Ricky) #4

best 114hz monitors? ideally 24-26"

budget around £200.00

(Xenoscythe) #5

The first big question is whether your computer can handle running FPS games at 144 fps or more, if not, again I wouldn’t really recommend looking at these monitors yet and upgrade your pc graphics card first. If this is the case, heres a couple of nice 60hz monitors incase your old one is wrecked and the money is burning through your pocket -:

VX229H, Its cheapish for a decent 1080p monitor, its IPS so wherever you look at it from it looks fantastic. its response time is decent for gaming and its colours are really nice for films and xbox gaming. Only issue is its only 21.5 inches.

One of the best 24" 1080p 60hz monitors is the U2414H, its pricey but its picture quality is perfect, Its IPS panel again which is great, its got super low input lag so again, good for your xbox gaming and general pc use. It looks really nice itself and you can tilt, twist, turn adjust it pretty much anyway you want :stuck_out_tongue:

Next here’s a few if your pc is upto scratch and can handle 144 frames per second or more -:

I’ll link the standard ones for people venturing into the 144hz field of monitors,

First is the XL2411Z, it runs at 144hz, everything is silky smooth, probably the cheapest 144hz option and is the cheapest because as standard it can’t run lightboost due to its firmware limitations, don’t let that put you off it though, fantastic screen and you wouldn’t believe how much nicer pc use is on one of these babys :stuck_out_tongue:

VG248QE, 24" Super low input lag, super low response time, probably the best monitor for gaming I’m linking here at a decent price :stuck_out_tongue: .If you’re wanting to do photo or video editing it’s colours aren’t the best so i wouldn’t recommend it for that.

Its twin brother from benq is the XL2420T, again low input lag, amazing for gaming but has the same colour issues as the asus, its still 24" but tends to be a bit pricier than the asus.

I may as well put this in here incase you win the lottery or just fancy looking at the best monitor, the PG278Q. Its the only 144hz 27" 1440p monitor available (last I checked :stuck_out_tongue: was a few months ago) but it only has a display port, no hdmi.

(Spankpaddle) #6

Has the ROG been released yet? Also it doesnt come with DVI outputs, so again if you win the lottery be aware of that fact lol.

(Xenoscythe) #7

Yep its out, costs above or around £600 though. I had a play on one at iSeries infact! Its amazing.

(Dean) #8

I’d buy one for the res, but 27" is far too big for gaming. I’d rather buy a 60hz one at that size purely for design work.

(Ricky) #9

Just came across this -

Is that any good? it would be used for my xbox one and on occasion for my PC (i’ll be playing CS:GO, etc on my 24" viewsonic)


(Ricky) #10

This any good guys?

I think its a bit of steal tbh.

let me know pleaseeeee

(Sam Hather) #11

It looks alright yeah, input lag is a bit high for gaming according to most people, but I personally don’t feel like you’ll truly feel that 4ms difference.
Other than that it looks decent, will only run games at 60fps though, so bare that in mind. Be nice to watch movies on though.

(Gavin Rainey) #12

get a 144hz monitor

(Ricky) #13

Yes sir.

(Ricky) #14