Akuma Clothing June 2016 Order

(Gavin Rainey) #21

@Sync @RicTheGuy did you see the last post? PM me with issues and I will sort :smiley:

(Sam Connolly) #22

Made me panic and think I owed you more money there Gav, think you may have me and Sync confused, I only ordered a jersey last time :slight_smile:

(Gavin Rainey) #23

yes jade pointed it out to me haha

(Check my profile for game IDs) #24

Oooh I didn’t I must have dismissed the notification or something in my haste. I would have preferred the Kirin but I think Jade has posted me the current hoodie now, so if it’s too late don’t worry about it, just let me know what you find out :slight_smile:

(Gavin Rainey) #25

We held the hoodies back

I am going to replace them with Kirin style


Thanks lads

(Luke) #26

@Easy When do you want money?
Will you accept a slab of Brisket instead?

(Gavin Rainey) #27

Waiting on Kirin info then I’ll ask for paper


Little harsh asking a jew for his papers to be fair.

(Gavin Rainey) #29

Is it harsh or is it payback?

(Lethal) #30

OT: Will there be a July order?

(Gavin Rainey) #31

Pushing this order to the end of the month now/start of july.

Will make this the LAN order. I will also provide updates when the Kirin stuff is out.

(Gavin Rainey) #32

Kirin Hoodie for SSRCG

They look like this when printed

They are a slim fit

Order deadline end of this month so if you want pre LAN now is the time

My logic is, we extend this until end of month, then everyone can order, arrives with me mid july and we bring to lan for all or deliver for non lan attendees.

(Sam Hather) #33

oh for fucks sake

(Max Schneider) #34


(Sam Hather) #35

Can’t afford this month’s order x

(Dean) #36

Get me a large TeqR with Noodle on the back please. Shall send money x

(Sherenne) #37

TeqR esports jersey: 1
Name on jersey: WaskilyWabit
Size: S

(JadEasY) #38

Okay so you may have noticed that we have neglected this for a little bit however in light of the the fact LAN is next month we need to get this in. So the new cut off is 1st Aug with a view to get this in in good time before the event. Can we all just confirm if we still want what is shown above and all that as i know its a bit short notice money wise @Bakawaka @Noodle @Brew_Drinker @smather @lethal (if you wanted to add) and @WaskilyWabit. Let me know if there are any issues money wise or anything and well sort it. Also the hoodies will be sorted with this order to for @RicTheGuy and @Sync so ill send em to you as soon as they arrive, apologies for the delay.

(Lethal) #39

TeqR esports jersey: 1
Name on jersey: Lethal
Size: M

(Sam Hather) #40

TeqR esports jersey: 1
Name on jersey: MoaFox
Size: S

Hoodie: 1
Style: Kirin
Size: XL

Please xxx