7.1 Changes - Sarumar dungeons unlock now account wide, World quests unlock at 110 for alts

(Sam Hather) #1

Absolutely god-like quality of life changes.

edit - also it looks like 7.1 is fully live on the PTR now. Interesting. Definitely looking like a November drop.

(DayC) #2

I best get finishing the Suramar quest lines then, barely even touched them atm.

(Sam Hather) #3

Finished them all last night and got the good Suramaritan achievement. I’ve officially finished Legion until 7.1 comes out.

(Xenoscythe) #4

Ah changes wont help, addons have standard settings that post in 1’s. Its the addons fault not peoples.

The only fix is to either add buy orders or allow a max amount of 1 stack posts.

Rep changes are fantastic, thank fuck i don’t need to do that grind again :heart_eyes:

(Dean) #5

The issue is its not even a grind, it’s the fact quests give fuck all and you’re locked behind time gates for everything